The generous support given to events such as Alresford Rotary’s annual Quiz, 10k run and Guy Fawkes celebrations enabled significant donations to be made to need in Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Libya,  Morocco and Gaza.

A thank you letter from ShelterBox

Thank you to everybody at The Rotary Club of Alresford for your club’s recent generous donations of £4,000.00.
We are extremely grateful for your club’s contribution to assist people in our responses across the world.
After the flooding in north-east Libya, we were able to provide people with winter warmth kits, hygiene sets and other essential items. And following the devastating earthquake in Morocco, we supported thousands of people left homeless there.
In Morocco, support from clubs like yours meant that we could get tents, thermal blankets, solar lights, and kitchen sets to communities in mountain villages before the winter cold sets in. We gained invaluable assistance from District Governor Saadia Aglif, enabling us to get aid into Morocco more quickly.
It was so good to see partnership in action as we worked closely with people who had lost everything, and who were starting to re-build their lives thanks to financial support from clubs in GB&I and the practical assistance of Rotary on-the-ground in Morocco.


Alresford Rotary has continued to support Lend With Care helping small start up entrepreneurs in the developing world (such as budding farmers, retail shopkeepers and fishermen) with micro loans of up to £30 each. In the first 11 months of 2023 Alresford Rotary made117such loans and provided 480 small businesses with a lifeline, every month receiving repayments and reinvesting the monies to maximise the reach of the loans.

Since 2019 Alresford Rotary has helped almost 25,000 such business in Malawi, Zambia, the Philippines, Peru, Rwanda and Ecuador. A little goes a long way! 

Alresford Rotary was also able to finance the cost of fitting out a science laboratory at a school in Zimbabwe. Alresford Rotary was able to collect and distribute 451 Christmas shoeboxes to the annual Rotary Wessex scheme (for disadvantaged and displaced children in eastern Europe) and it was good to have the support of the West Meon, Cheriton, Ropley and Itchen Abbas Primary schools in addition to the Sun Hill schools and other local organisations and groups. We also supported improvements to a school in Uganda with profits from our Guy Fawkes fireworks night.