We’re for international development

So if you ever wondered if you could really make a difference... join Rotary and you can!

Rotary is especially dedicated to ending polio and since 1979 its members have donated money, lobbied governments, provided practical support to deliver polio vaccines and volunteered at national immunisation days in all corners of the world.

Thanks to Rotary and its partners, there are now just 3 polio-endemic countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan), the lowest in human history.  Although Britain has not seen polio for many years, it is vital we continue our efforts to eliminate the disease worldwide so it can never return.

Rotary is an international organisation, the largest Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the world. The Rotary Foundation is our own charity, supported by voluntary contributions from Rotarians, friends and donations from the public who share its vision of a better world both at home and overseas. Funds raised are generally used to finance long term sustainable projects in seven areas of focus including, promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, child and maternal health, environmental sustainability, education and growing local economies.

A Rotarian is welcome at any Rotary Club meeting in any part of the world!

Rotary members carry out a wide range of programmes and activities. With local Rotary clubs in every corner of the world, we are able to work directly with clubs in disaster hit areas to understand what aid is needed and be sure that money raised goes directly to those in need.